Thursday, February 13, 2014

23 Things That Love Is

With Valentines day coming up...I found this super great article about love and had to share! This is SUCH a great reminder of how God wants us to act within our relationships. Not just with a significant other, but with friends, roommates, parents, coworkers, etc. Although the bible talks a lot about how to treat others, sometimes I find myself wanting more specifics of how to actually relate what it says back to my relationships. Here are those specifics! I know I could definitely use this reminder :) Printing and putting on my closet door!

Here is the article. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On My Bookshelf

My absolute favorite past time is reading. I like any type of book, but mystery and dystopia books are my favorite. BUT LETS JUST LET IT BE KNOWN THAT NO BOOK WILL EVER BE BETTER THAN HARRY POTTER. I just had to put that out there.

Anyway, here is a list of what books I am currently obsessing over:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This book is soon to be a movie, so hurry up and get your hands on this one (because we all know the book is always better than the movie-always).  This book is fast paced and keeps you flying through the pages. The book features a married couple that loses their jobs in New York and is forced to move back to the husband’s small hometown. Soon after, the wife goes missing. In a unique turn, the narrative changes halfway through the book, which makes for a nice new perspective. Unlike many mystery novels where the reader can guess what the outcome is, this one keeps you on your feet until the very end.  

The Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Anyone who is a Hunger Games fan will like this series! Every time a series comes out that I love (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight..yeah I said it, I like Twilight) I am always depressed after and convinced that no new series will ever compare and I will be forever stuck in a reading rut. Not dramatic at all, right? HA! Anyway, this book is the next big series! In this dystopian version of Chicago, every teenager must make the choice of which “faction” to join when they turn sixteen. Each faction dedicates itself to a specific virtue (selfless, honest, brave, peaceful, and intelligent).  If you choose a faction different than the one you were raised in, you have to leave your family and start a whole new life. Can you imagine? This is one of those books where I sit there in awe at how brave the characters are. It's inspiring! This series is definitely going into my “forever favorites” vault!

Horns by Joe Hill. This book definitely has a dark twist to it, so be prepared to read some creepy stuff. The book follows Ig Parrish, who wakes up one morning after his girlfriend was found raped and murdered to discover that he has horns growing out of his head and devilish powers. Everyone he encounters begins to spill their darkest secrets to him, and it takes a toll on Ig. The book also follows the mystery of who murdered his girlfriend, and why he grew the horns in the first place. Like I said, this is not a happy read, but it really makes you think. If you like mysteries, you will enjoy this page-turner.

         *Okay after I wrote that review, I feel like a weird creep because it sounds so depressing. But this         book is also being made into a movie..starring Daniel Radcliffe! So technically my Harry Potter obsession is what inspired me to read this. ;)

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. My favorite devotional! It has a new devotion and a few short bible verses for everyday of the year. Its nice because each days devotion is only a page long and speaks in easy to understand terms, but is packed with so much inspiration! I love that it includes a few bible verses along with each day, so I can spend my day reflecting on them. I wake up 10 mins earlier everyday so that I can spend a little time reading this and reflecting on Gods word. It is such a positive start to each day, and a good reminder to keep God involved in your day and how you can do that! This book has really helped to guide me on my spiritual journey!

Now get to reading! xoxo

Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday...Happy Friday!

So I’ve been stalking all the link-ups that I can find, and decided that the Five on Friday one is my favorite! The week can be so hectic sometimes that Friday is also the best day to have time to write :) So here is my first link-up with the Good Life blog!

On that note…HAPPY FRIDAY! Yay! I could not be more excited for this weekend just to relax and get some work done. Here are some exciting things that happened this week.


The Daily Positive. I stumbled across this website this week and I love it! You enter your email and every morning you are sent a positive thought/article. It’s a great little boost of inspiration for your morning! Plus, I just love any happy articles, and especially ones that have lists (e.g. today’s email “46 Positive Truths Everyone Needs to Hear”). Any article that has a list format- i'm all over it!


I finished my first week of clinic! Woo hoo! For my speech pathology graduate program we get our own clients for the first 3 semesters. We are in a clinic room that has double sided windows and our supervisor, the client’s parent or spouse, and undergrad students all observe you through it- kind of intimidating! But I have 3 clients who are 3, 5, and 7 and I am OBSESSED with them all! It was an exhausting week and I am soo glad that it’s over! This is probably boring news to everyone, but quite exciting for me! :)


My new nail polish and rings! The nail polish is Revlon Eclectic, and was less than $4 at Target. I got the rings on etsy (here) for 6.99 plus shipping. I have already reapplied the polish because I love it so much and have been wearing the rings every day. I feel like my hands actually look cute for once!



This week I cleaned out my phone pictures. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly snapping screen shots and taking pictures of things that I need to remember. Then I’ll scroll back a month later and random pictures of like, someone’s Instagram page that I wanted to go back and look at or an appointment reminder that I had to send to a friend. For someone who is a minimalist, I cannot staaaand clutter. So its This can apply to other aspects of life as well. Have an overflowing junk drawer- clean it out! A stuffed closet? Clean it! You will feel so much better. Remember, the most important things in life aren’t things. Here’s a quote that I really like concerning clutter and “things.”



Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) by Hillsong United. This song. I love it. We have always sang it at church, but this week I’ve been listening to it over and over at home, at work, and in the car- I just think the lyrics are so beautiful! Listen to it here 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Donald & Daisy Duck Costumes

I’m typically not the most creative crayon in the box, buttttt I’m actually pretty proud of this one! My boyfriend happened to mention to me that Donald Duck was his favorite cartoon character, so when the next event that we needed a costume for came up (for one of our formals in college), I thought Donald and Daisy Duck would be perfect!

After browsing the Internet, I could not find any duck costumes (I guess people don’t typically dress up like ducks? Lol), so I had to take matters into my own hands. Here’s what I did:

·      Cheap yellow stretchy skirt from Forever 21
·      Two white feather boas from Party City
·      A plain pink shirt
·      A pink headband with a bow on it from Claires
·      Red felt
·      An orange visor from the dollar store
·      A sailor hat from Party City
·      White shorts from Target (for him)
·      Plain blue shirt (for him)
·      Big white buttons
·      Puff paint pen
·      Glue gun

1.     For my pink shirt I actually had a friend make it at her work since they had a machine that could heat press rhinestones, but you could also just buy a little pack of rhinestones and glue them on yourself.
2.     For my skirt, I just hot glued the feather boas onto it! The trick is that you have to glue it on while you are wearing the skirt, or it wont be able to stretch after you put it on! Just be careful not to burn yourself (I definitely came away with some battle scars)!
3.     For Jesse’s hat, I just cut a piece of felt to fit on his sailor hat, wrote Donald on it in puff paint, and glued it to the hat.
4.     For his bow tie I cut a square piece of fabric and pinched the middle together. It is a little hard to make it straight and look good, so you just have to mess with it until you figure out what looks good. Then to secure it, I used safety pins, but you could also sew it or use hot glue. Then just hot glue it onto the shirt!
5.     Lastly, I glued the white buttons onto his shirt!

And that’s it! So easy! Here’s the finished product: