Saturday, February 1, 2014

Donald & Daisy Duck Costumes

I’m typically not the most creative crayon in the box, buttttt I’m actually pretty proud of this one! My boyfriend happened to mention to me that Donald Duck was his favorite cartoon character, so when the next event that we needed a costume for came up (for one of our formals in college), I thought Donald and Daisy Duck would be perfect!

After browsing the Internet, I could not find any duck costumes (I guess people don’t typically dress up like ducks? Lol), so I had to take matters into my own hands. Here’s what I did:

·      Cheap yellow stretchy skirt from Forever 21
·      Two white feather boas from Party City
·      A plain pink shirt
·      A pink headband with a bow on it from Claires
·      Red felt
·      An orange visor from the dollar store
·      A sailor hat from Party City
·      White shorts from Target (for him)
·      Plain blue shirt (for him)
·      Big white buttons
·      Puff paint pen
·      Glue gun

1.     For my pink shirt I actually had a friend make it at her work since they had a machine that could heat press rhinestones, but you could also just buy a little pack of rhinestones and glue them on yourself.
2.     For my skirt, I just hot glued the feather boas onto it! The trick is that you have to glue it on while you are wearing the skirt, or it wont be able to stretch after you put it on! Just be careful not to burn yourself (I definitely came away with some battle scars)!
3.     For Jesse’s hat, I just cut a piece of felt to fit on his sailor hat, wrote Donald on it in puff paint, and glued it to the hat.
4.     For his bow tie I cut a square piece of fabric and pinched the middle together. It is a little hard to make it straight and look good, so you just have to mess with it until you figure out what looks good. Then to secure it, I used safety pins, but you could also sew it or use hot glue. Then just hot glue it onto the shirt!
5.     Lastly, I glued the white buttons onto his shirt!

And that’s it! So easy! Here’s the finished product:


  1. Hey Chelsea! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love that you are a fellow DG! And of course, you have an awesome name ;) Can't wait to follow your blog and get to know you!


  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I really love your blog! I will definitely be checking it regularly!