Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bucket List

I think it is so important for people to have goals that they are working towards, no matter how big or small they are. It could be acing a test next week or writing a book, anything! I notice that when I have something I am working towards, I am generally more happy and excited about life. Plus, you know that accomplished feeling when you cross something off of your daily to-do list (I am an obsessive list maker)? Imagine how good it feels to cross something off of your life BUCKET LIST! I encourage everyone to write down their dreams and start working towards them! Because really- what is life without dreams?!

*I'll be adding to this list as new goals come to me, and crossing off ones that I have accomplished!

My Bucket List

    1. Go to Alaska
2. Shoot a buck and mount it in my house
3. Have a library in my future house filled with books
4. Write a novel- attempt to get it published!
5. Set foot in all 50 states/Road trip across the US
6. Help someone get into or through college
7. Get my hunting license
8. Get a Welsh Corgi and train him/teach him tricks
9. Go to Nashville
10. Go to New York-ride in a carriage in the snow and see a Broadway play
11. See a play in San Francisco
12. Write a blog
13. Learn to cook one fancy dish that I can make in a flash
14. Throw a block party
15. Buy a stock
16. Own real estate
17. Help someone less fortunate in a big way (e.g. help a homeless person find a job)
18. Have whiskey in a pub in Ireland
19. Go to Italy
20. Own a cabin on a lake
21. Take a painting class
22. Learn to play the Piano
23. Re-learn/continue learning sign language
24. Own my own business- a speech pathology clinic for stroke patients would be a dream come true!
25. Own a real piece of art
26. Refinish a piece of furniture
27. Get my Masters degree
28. Go to Bora Bora
29. Go to Australia & see a kangaroo
30. Go to Paris
31. Go to New Orleans
32. Go to Washington DC
33. Go to Bahamas
34. Go to Disneyworld in Florida
35. Knit a blanket for my grandma
36. Start and keep a journal
37. Join a life group/bible study
38. Read the bible cover to cover
39. Pick a favorite charity and donate to it regularly- or more than one!
40. Volunteer- find my favorite place to volunteer and spend time there regularly
41. Have a daughter and deck her out in anchor attire (go Delta Gamma)- Or a son if I have to!
42. Try chicken and waffles
43. Start my own volunteer organization, even if its small
44. Buy a last minute plane ticket & go on a surprise vacation
45. Host a foreign exchange student
46. Go on a mission trip
     47. Become a foster parent
48. Get my PhD
49. Be a professor at a college for some amount of time, even if its just one class
50. Own my own gun

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  1. this is so cool! I want to set foot in all 50 states too!

    and thanks for linking up with Treat Yo' Self Thursday last week!