Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hi peeps! I have been wanting to start a blog in forever…and I have finally got around to doing it! I have recently had a slight obsession with finding and following fun blogs, so I thought- hey I have a lot of thoughts…why not start my own?!

For anyone who doesn’t know, I am a 22-year-old grad student pursing my master’s degree in speech pathology at Fresno State. If you are like 90% of the population, you are probably wondering what a speech pathologist is J Basically they assess and treat speech and language disorders (stuttering, articulation problems, etc.), treat swallowing disorders, provide therapy for any cognitive or language problems following a stroke, and so much more. The field of speech pathology covers a surprisingly wide range of disorders and problems!

If you're an SLP, enjoy these jokes with me:

Besides graduate school (which takes up most of my time) I am an avid reader, movie goer, puzzle doer, and ice cream eater (hello Half Baked Ben & Jerrys!). Recently I have been dedicating more of my time to fitness and eating healthy, and also FINDING MY FAITH AND WORKING ON MY RELAIONSHIP WITH GOD. I thought that deserved all caps J This has been making a huge change in my life for the better and I am excited to chronicle the changes that God is making in my heart.

My posts will just be random things that include the above topics, plus more. Stay tuned!

P.S. Finding a blog name was so hard that I almost named it Books and Farts. Seriously how cool would that have been though?!

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