Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Bachelor Fantasy Draft

I don’t know about you but lately every time I turn around all I hear about is football and football fantasy leagues! I blame this on having both a boyfriend and roommate who are in several different fantasy leagues. I never really understood their obsession, UNTIL….

….I was introduced to the Bachelor Fantasy Draft! To be honest, I was never an avid viewer of the Bachelor but I would watch the show sporadically because my roommates all love it. Well thanks to my friend, Hannah, who read about the Bachelor Fantasy Draft on Pinterest and organized the draft (complete with dinner & desert!), I now understand the fantasy league obsession! This is the perfect way to perk up your Mondays and a great excuse for a fun weekly get together with your girlfriends!

The draft is really simple. It looks like the Bachelor Fantasy Draft originated here, we just changed up our game from different versions we found online and molded it to how we liked it best. This is how we played:

1. Go to and make a packet for the Bachelor girls (like the one in the picture above). 

2. Draw numbers out of a hat (there were 11 of us so we had numbers 1-11).

3. Round one: Starting with #1, each girl went through and picked a "team member." The same team member could not be chosen twice. This continued until all 11 girls had picked 1 team member. 

4. Round one cont.: The 11 girls then went through again in the same order and picked another team member from the packet. Since this is the same round, no team member can be picked if they were already chosen (even in the first draft pick from step 3). This makes it hard! 

5. After that, we redrew our numbers 1-11 and repeated steps 3-4 again in the new order. Except now no girl could be chosen more than twice AT ALL in all four of the draft picks. That is where it got really tricky! I mean really people were being forced to pick Lucy the crazy free spirit girl- haha!

Once all of the picks were completed, we continued watching the show and got ready to tally up our points! We used the small sheet above in the picture as the rules but I will repost them here:
    • 1 point- receiving a rose during the rose ceremony
    • 3 points- receiving a final rose during the ceremony
    • 3 points- first impression rose
    • 1 point- chosen for group date
    • 3 points- earning a rose on a group date
    • 3 points- chosen for one on one date
    • 5 points- getting the proposal in the end
Tailor the game to your group's individual needs and preferences for the best results! I realize this post is a little late in the game, but you can always change it so that your draft can begin on next weeks episode. Or, tuck it away/Pinterest it for next season when we will have a bunch of handsome men to pick from! 

By the way, my four picks that I ended up with were Sharleen, Andi, Christine and Lacy. Wish me luck! 

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